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Specific about this product:

This racing number pack, is a powerful tool for every designer. The difference between using a regular font and these numbers in this logo pack is big. This pack take graphics kit to the next level. 

This pack includes a numerous variation of the numbers 0-9, including a version with a 'cut-in', discrete shadow, 50/50 split shadow. All variations also prepared with a 24° shear angle.

NONE of these numbers is a live font, each number is vector graphics. Regular letters A-Z is also not included in this pack. 

The front view pictures of the bikes shows ideas on how this racing number pack have been used in designs.


Why choose our products?

  • 1:1 Ready to design in vector.
  • Instant download after payment.
  • Free guidance and counseling about our products.

How to download our products:

After payment, instant download is possible. You will also get a download link in your email afterwards. If you choose to make an account before payment you will be able to login and go back to find your former purchases. 


How to use our files (template & designs ect.)

All files will be able to download in an .EPS. If the file has more than 1 product, ex. Our "Ready to print designs" which includes template + renders. These will be able to download in a .ZIP file. Use a program to unpack .ZIP files ex. Winrar. If you need other types of files don’t hesitate to contact us and we will help you ASAP.

We advise you to use a vector based program, for example Adobe illustrator, Coreldraw, Inkscape ect. The file is created in Adobe illustrator and is made ready with layers for: cutlines, guidelines, design and base graphic.


Terms and conditions

We don’t take any responsibility for the use of the logos in our designs. All logos in these files are just to showcase the composition and placement. Use it at your own risk or make sure to have the right permissions.This file is sold by: Our templates and designs are under copyright. 

You are NOT ALLOWED to trade, sell or give away the template. 

You are allowed to use it personally or within your company. Please respect that, else there will be no bright future for buying precise and detailed templates & designs from us.

You are NOT ALLOWED to use the rendered pictures, before you have bought the files.

Our template file is protected by design according to: 

COUNCIL REGULATION (EC) No 6/2002 on Community designs