How to buy as an B2B Company in Europe (Reversed chargeback) ?

If you want to buy as an European company and want the invoice without VAT. Please do the following steps. It REQUIRES A VALID VAT number. 

  • Put everything you want in your cart
  • Go to the ‘CART’ page
  • Mark the box called: Are you based in the EU and VAT registered? (Does not apply for Danish businesses)
  • Fill out your email and your VAT number, it validates your VAT number, so it only works with a valid VAT number.
  • Example of the VAT number is for Belgium: BE0123456789
  • Click the ‘Checkout’ box
  • Fill in your information on the checkout page, once you press "Continue to payment" it will update your tax information and if the VAT number is Valid, it will remove the tax and the invoice will be with ‘reversed chargeback’.

Note: If it wont remove the VAT, sometimes it helps to remove your cookie data / browser data, or use another browser and try again. Sometimes it happens if you type in your VAT number incorrect at first.

Can i get a refund on my order ?

Unfortunately we can't do refunds on orders, when already purchased. As we only sell digital files, we have no way to restrict you acess to the file once the purchase if made. If you are uncertain about a file before purchase, please contact us and we will do the best to guide you.

Can i get any discount for bulk orders ?

Yes we have discount codes for bulk orders.

Our ‘Bundle packs’ are flexible, it's not fixed on specific products. Therefore it gives you the option to combine your own bundle package of the designs you like the most. 

5 Designs = 10% off. Use code “5DESIGNS”

10 Designs = 20% off. Use code “10DESIGNS”

20 Designs = 30% off. Use code “20DESIGNS”

Your discount applies to all “MX, Ready to print designs” and all “Helmet, Ready to print designs”´, you can combine products from both


5 Templates = 10% off. Use code “5TEMPLATES”

10 Templates = 20% off. Use code “10TEMPLATES”

20 Templates= 30% off. Use code “20TEMPLATES”

Your discount applies to all “MX Templates” and all “Helmet Templates”´, you can combine products from both.


How to add the discount: Simply just add a minimum of 5,10 or 20 designs/templates to the cart and on the ‘checkout page’ apply the discount code, and you’ll see the % amount will be withdrawn.


When do you send me the file if i make a purchase ?

All products in our webshop is digital files, that way you are able to download our products right away after purchase. You'll also receive a link to download the files on email right after purchase. We advise you to create an account when purchasing, that way you can login and download your product from there also.

We update our templates if neccessary. If you alleredy have bought one of our templates and we make an update on it. You'll be notified on email, and you can download the updated version of the template free of charge.

How do i find the invoice of my purchase ?

The invoice is always sent to your email after you have made a purchase from us. You should be able to find your invoice in your email by searching on "mxracecutz sufio" or "sufio" in your mail system. Then you should be able to find an invoice with the name ex. "Invoice 12345 from MXRaceCutz".

If you still have problems finding the invoices, please give us as much information on the purchase as possible and we will do what we can to locate your invoice.

Files and designs

What program or software do i need to use your files ?

All files will be able to download in an .EPS. If the file has more than 1 product, ex. Our "Ready to print designs" which includes template + renders. These will be able to download in a .ZIP file. Use a program to unpack .ZIP files ex. Winrar. If you need other types of files don’t hesitate to contact us and we will help you ASAP.

We advise you to use a vector based program, for example Adobe illustrator, Coreldraw, Inkscape ect. The file is created in Adobe illustrator and is made ready with layer groups for: cutlines, guidelines, design and base graphic.

Can i change the text and numbers on the designs ?

Our text and numbers in the designs dosen't work as a live text. So it's not possible just to choose it and write something else right away. Our numbers and text is setup as an example of how we find it good looking. If we use special text for example "YZF 250" we try to include either a extra "logo" with "YZF 450" or the following font we used in that example (If that's not included in the file you have in hand, feel free to write us a message and we will let you know what font we used. The numbers we use in our designs is often our own, they are able to find under the accessories tab, these numbers is not a font either but a 0-9 vector file.

Is there a 3D mockup / render file included in your templates and designs ?

There is not included a 3D mockup or render file so you are able to redo the renders yourself. In our "Ready to print designs" a minimum of 4 professionally made renders is included, 3 view (PNG) + 1 ‘IRL’ promo (JPG), sometimes more than 1 promo. All design renders will come without watermark when the product is purchased. Our template file sometimes have a 3 view render preview, these are only to showcase the wide picture of how the template fits, these won't include when the template is purchased.

How is our file structure / build ?

All our files is build in layer groups so is easy to hide or grab the specific need. In our files we typically have a layer for:

Cutline = The exact size of the template made in a PINK outline.

Guidelines = A layer group to help the designer there is a guideline (dotted green) on the template which shows the plastic curves and folds. This helps the designer to avoid placing logos etc. in unfortunate places.

Text = Notes are inserted on the template in areas where the designer has to be more attentive. 

Design = A layer group made ready for you to place your clipping mask and design stuff there.

Graphic = A layer group with a 3mm bleed from the cutline to prepare the template for design and to prevent slight disparity in the cutting process.