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Specific about this template:

This template has two options for coverage:

- A full coverage template for a more complete look. This template will hide most of the plastic color, but will be slight harder to install and require a bit more heating after application than the less coverage template.

- A less coverage template. This template is more minimalistic and dosen't cover around edges. This template is easier to install than the full coverage template. This version is often used by factory teams, due to the easy install and weight saving.


Why choose our template ?

  • 1:1 Ready to design, vector template with 3mm outline.
  • Instant download after payment.
  • Proof of originality (Fit/creation pictures for all our templates).
  • Free guidance and counseling about our templates.

This template is made with a 3mm outline to prepare the template for design and to prevent slight disparity in the cutting process. To help the designer there is a guideline (dotted green) on the template which shows the plastic curves and folds. This helps the designer to avoid placing logos etc. in unfortunate places. Text notes are inserted on the template in areas where the designer has to be more attentive. 

Installation and fitment

This template is made on ACERBIS plastics. Due to different plastic manufacturers there may be deviations in the shape, but that's usually not a problem.

Proof of originality: Every template we have is made by us. We have pictures of the final fitment and the progress of creating the template.