What is coming up ?

What is coming up ?

We try to keep this article ongoing updated.

Here we will post what templates we are planning to do. If we are 100% sure we will do the template, we will create a product of it in our webshop and set it as "out of stock" intill the template is created. So if you are searching for a new model, then you'll know that we will make it and its comming soon. We will also set a estimated date for when the template is ready in the product description.


Templates to to come:


- Gasgas 2023 Factory Edition

- MT07 2021+ 


Helmet templates:

- All sizes for Fox V3 RS

- All sizes for Airoh Aviator 3

- All sizes for 6D ATR-2

- All sizes for Shoei VFX-WR 


MX Ready To Print Designs to come:

- Yamaha YZF 450 2023 ( As soon as the 3D model is ready )

- Gasgas 2023 Factory Edition ( As soon as template is done and 3D model is ready )

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