Template Creator

Template Creator

Now you’ll be able to join our  ‘Template creator Program'.

As much as we would, we can't unfortunately create templates for all the requested bikes from the past and still keep up with all the new bikes coming. Therefore we have launched our ‘Template Creator Program'.

If you are MX, Enduro, Trial, Kart, Sled/Snowmobile graphics company and have created a few or maybe many templates. Who is willing to sell your template and the rights of it, we would like to hear from you.

We put our standards really high for our templates, and therefore we are also interested in templates of similar quality. We are ONLY interested in templates you have created yourself, NOT bought elsewhere. 

What we can give you:

We have two solutions for pricing.

  • 1: We will give you a fair price for the template. The price should cover your time used to create the template. This will of course not only be 20-50$ as most sites charge for templates.
  • 2: You can trade your product for a bundle of our products, the valid of our products will be lowered, so you'll get them cheaper than if you bought the directly from our website. 
  • If you only made a few templates, we can help you with getting value for your time used creating the template. Our shop has a target audience and customer database especially interested in new templates. Therefore we can buy your templates for a good price and your template and time won't go to waste.
  • Partnership & possibly long term partnership. Even if only created one template or is continuously creating templates.

We would need from you:

  • The template in a vector file. Here we would appreciate if each individual part in the file is setup as in IRL. and they lineup together. Guidelines is also much appreciated as it helps the designer to know where the plastic curves and folds. Text is also appreciated for parts/places you have to be extra attentive.
  • Scans or pictures of outline while creating the template, for proof of originality and the file is not stolen.
  • Final fitpics. Optimal solution is if you have pictures with a single color vinyl on the entire bike, but graphics can also work. Here both closeup and pictures of the entire bike is highly appreciated so you can see the entire coverage of the bike but also the details upclose.

What does it mean that we buy the rights of the template ?

  • We are allowed to resell and make changes to the template.
  • You are still the original owner of the template and we will mark the template in our shop as a "Template made by one of our template creator partners" 
  • You can still sell the template to individual people and companies. After selling your template to us, you are not allowed to sell it to another template selling website, as that would create conflict in the market and maybe pricing. That would lower the value of the template significant, and the original price we paid for the rights of your template would possibly not be 'correct' anymore. We hope that is understandable.

As we will ensure our customers the highest quality templates. We take our right decline an offer for a template sale, the cause of that would be: iff it didn't fulfill the requirements in the "We would need from you" section. 

We also take our rights to annual and chargeback the purchase of a template which already have been completed. But ONLY if we after purchase discover the template is scam. Which could be:

  • You are not the original owner of the template.
  • Templates are of much lower quality than stated. That could be, parts that are very misaligned. The fitpics of the template are manipulated and the fitment doesn't match when cutting the template.
  • You have also sold the template to another template selling website.

We hope to hear from a lot of you guys. We know many of you are producing regularly or have produced a few template.

Shoot us an email and we will have a talk about the possibilities with your templates.

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